My great endeavor of finding a career post-college. And all the fun things inbetween. I will post what's going on or has gone on at previous employers, where I'm currently applying, or write what I think of when it comes to employment.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Webisode Seven

Here's Webisode Seven. Hopefully before you watch this you've seen the short film La Jetee. Great movie that was the inspiration for 12 Monkeys. I also used it to an extent. This entry felt good to make, stepped outside of my comfort zone with it. I wasn't for sure how it was going to be assembled, I had made a couple of different storyboards. It all just came together in the end, move this here and that there kinda thing. Drama + a little Experimentation = Fear for Me. I think it worked well though. Enjoy.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Webisode Six

So I had an interview at Dillards a week or so ago and I thought I'd share it w/ people. I snuck a camera in and recorded it, unfortunately it had no video only sound. I did some fooling around and made some video for it. Check it out.

So the images are taken from the models on Dilliards site and I just made everything around them. For just the editing of the image part, I did it frame by frame and it took me a total of about 1 1/2 hrs for photoshopping and 8 hrs for frame-by-frame match-up to sync. That's not counting the time it took to record, which was for all total footage that I shot about 45 mins. I liked how it turned out for what I had to work with.

I'm gonna try doing some narrative pieces on myself and what I'm doing in order to liven the vlog up a little rather than stick w/ the talk to the camera approach. We'll see how it goes.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Webisode Five

Here's the first of three documentations of one of my jobs. Two that pay and one that's volunteer. And yes, I have three jobs plus being a full-time student. If I weren't busy what would I be? Hope everyone who visits takes a look at my previous post to checkout some of my images. I'll have that quick linked on the sidebar in the near future.

Goals to achieve by next post:
-Hear back from recent job interview and finish recording the entry for that.
-Link the photos on the sidebar.
-Find more potential job sites and make a vlog entry about that.

As with any of my goals, they are subject to change and modification. Obviously it's easier to throw more goals out there so that you can manage to get some of them done and eventually all of them.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

So I kept my promise with getting the images ready. I'm hoping that there'll be no linking issues. I'm using a site called Pureupload and it was very user friendly. I adapted what I was going to be shooting for my most current vlog entry from showing the websites that I'll be using for job searching to footage of one of my workplaces.

Order of Images

Greasy Spoon- This was a semester long project for my Photo Journalism Class in which I traveled to four or five different restaurants that fit the description of a greasy spoon and took photos of their interior and exterior.

Photo Services- Images taken during Iowa Football games versus Ohio State and Iowa State.

Bonnaroo- Photos that I took during a summer vacation to Bonnaroo in Manchester,TN. Included is a panorama of the band Radiohead made from two separate images and Ben Ottewell the lead singer of the British band Gomez.

The Villa de Chantal- A glorious old convent in Rock Island that I shot photos of before it burned down the following summer. These were taken for a final project of my first photography class.

Work in Progress- A project based loosely around the word Mundane that is being shot for my current photography class.

I've had difficulties finding job related websites that I trust or that seem to have anything to offer hence why the next vlog post won't be about job related sites. Though for a future entry I plan on documenting a job interview or something related to such being as I plan on applying to work at Dillard's at Coral Ridge Mall. Remember, this is a blog about documenting my increasingly exciting* employment.

*increasingly exciting-sarcasm, I know it's not the most fun to watch but it's mainly for me and you're along for the ride.

P.S.- This entry has a lot of love in it and a lot of coding. I've had many problems with it and I know it's organization has some to be desired for. I can only do so much w/ the blogger set up for editing the format. I'm still constantly looking for a section or type of code that I can use to organize it better graphically.

P.S.S.- I was surfing when I found this and I want it -

It's a tripod that can literally go anywhere. Supposedly they can hold a digital SLR camera w/ no problem. It'd make for some really neat shots.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Webisode Four

So this is the first of my independent posts, which now makes me entirely responsible for any and all content without restriction. With that said I make no apologies for what I do or do not show because it is my intent to show you exactly what I want you to see, otherwise I wouldn’t bother editing.

Primarily this blog functions for me and me alone. I like to document my life so then in the future I can look back and reflect upon how I have or have not changed. The fact that I have it posted in a “public” place such as the Internet helps me to gain input into what I should or should not do by way of comments from others as well as keep in contact with loved ones near and far from me.

Though it is also my intention that Operation Career will function on the premise that I will document what I’m doing in order to find employment beyond college. Hopefully others will see how I have succeeded and failed and this will help them to reach their own goals.

This entry is not the permanent format for future posts but a good representation of what one should come to expect from my entries. I will establish what I have done and what I will do in order to reach the short term and long term goals I set for myself. I will use direct address as well as other forms to illustrate what is going on in my small, but self-important corner of the world. So share the laughter, the melancholy, and certainly the wine, let’s kick this donkey and get the show on the road.

Thank you,

P.S.- I'm toying with a couple of things so bear with me.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Webisode Three Part Two of Two

Here's the second part of the full uncut version of Webisode Three. I didn't color correct or edit it any further than adding the intro/outro and fixing the sound slightly.

Webisode Three Part One of Two

Here's the first part of the full uncut version of Webisode Three. I didn't color correct or edit it any further than adding the intro/outro and fixing the sound slightly.

Webisode Three

So I wanted to try shooting a little more from the hip and it felt a little better than my two previous where everything was mounted on a tripod. I think I'm going to alternate between the two for future posts.

SO, this post is the final of our guided assignments for the class I'm taking and its focus was to describe your favorite place. Obviously this one is about my car whose name is Pumpkin. I'm also posting the uncut version in two parts, which I think is equally entertaining. I filmed it originally as a one shot for effect and what I thought was funny is that in the uncut version I do a lot of talking about my car and go off on a tangent or two before finally showing the car which is brief in comparison to the rest of the piece. It was meant to be humorous and different to try a different style than I had previously done. Enjoy.