My great endeavor of finding a career post-college. And all the fun things inbetween. I will post what's going on or has gone on at previous employers, where I'm currently applying, or write what I think of when it comes to employment.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

An Update

Yes, I am back to working on this site. I have taken a hiatus and have some to tell and some to talk about. Sometimes it just takes a little mothballing for things to gather and formulate into new stories or it takes time to reflect on the old ones. I have noticed an abundance of comments, much of whom are obviously spam bots, but if you're interested in losing that excess weight please click here, j/k.

Much to my chagrin though it seems that I have lost quite a few links which means some extensive retrieval or editing through the backlogs of entries. Oh well, nothing like a good polish to give the old gal a good new look. I may even update the template and etcetera. Until my next update.

Have fun vloggers.


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