My great endeavor of finding a career post-college. And all the fun things inbetween. I will post what's going on or has gone on at previous employers, where I'm currently applying, or write what I think of when it comes to employment.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Missing Images

I've managed to rid the site of all the spam comments. My next order of business is to re-initialize all of the images that I had linked which was a bear in the first place. Maybe Blogger has updated making tables a little easier, maybe not. I've been busy getting my DVD Portfolio and resume ready as well as getting things set up for a job fair coming up in Cedar Rapids. Here is a link to that event.

Kirkwood Job Fair Flyer

Beyond that I'm still working retail until I'm able to secure something more within my field. I'll be posting some of the places that I'll be applying to soon. I hope to be sending out resumes within the next week or two.

I'll get to work on getting the rest of the cobwebs outta this place soon.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

An Update

Yes, I am back to working on this site. I have taken a hiatus and have some to tell and some to talk about. Sometimes it just takes a little mothballing for things to gather and formulate into new stories or it takes time to reflect on the old ones. I have noticed an abundance of comments, much of whom are obviously spam bots, but if you're interested in losing that excess weight please click here, j/k.

Much to my chagrin though it seems that I have lost quite a few links which means some extensive retrieval or editing through the backlogs of entries. Oh well, nothing like a good polish to give the old gal a good new look. I may even update the template and etcetera. Until my next update.

Have fun vloggers.